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Nairobi City County officially launches the HPV vaccine across the county

Nairobi City County officially launched the HPV vaccine on Thursday 31st October 20 Westlands Health Centre.


World Health Organization has recommended HPV Vaccination as an intervention for protecting against Cervical Cancer which has become one of the biggest causes of premature deads.

Human Papilloma virus type 16 & 18 is largely sexually transmitted and known to cause 70% cervical cancer. Most of the infection resolve and are asymptomatic. Persistent infection leads to ill health including genital watts, cancers of cervix, penis, oral, anal among others.

WHO recommends the vaccination to both boys and girls between age nine (9) to fourteen (14) years. In Kenya, Ministry of Health has rolled out HPV vaccine for 10years old girls within the routine immunization schedule.

The vaccine will be given in two doses, six months apart and is given free of charge in all public health facilities.

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